Use Cases & Solutions

All-in-one solution for customizing your website

With CodeKit's time-saving features, you will easily integrate tools or deploy codes no matter if you are a blogger or a developer.

For Designers

Simply take charge and make adjustments according your vision and creativity on your website. No need to deal with technical stuff, implementation difficulties or code versioning.

  • Easily export & implement CSS codes to your websites from a Figma design
  • No need to deal with Child Theme, caches or any other technical details
  • Write device specific codes without having knowledge about media queries

For Developers

A small or urgent fix, that’s what you can totally depend on CodeKit to handle. Use the native IDE to deploy your fix, or even a PHP function, instantly. Your rules, your languages, your frameworks. All packed.

  • Write your favorite language right in your Wordpress admin
  • Add as many as frameworks, libraries or simple scripts with few clicks
  • Implement any code with utmost speed and without hitting the browser cache

For Bloggers

Never ever bother for waiting your developer to handle your small requests and get job done when you need it most. With CodeKit, you can drastically reduce a dependency of a developer by simply copy/paste any code to any specific page just like you do for your posts.

  • Implement 3rd party tools in seconds -- such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager or Google Adsense
  • Simply add font icons to be used on your blog posts
  • Write and publish codes to your website just like you do for your blog posts

For Agencies

Keep track all of the client’s customizations or requests right in the admin dashboard. Use your standard stack, include fonts, frameworks and deploy codes that is aligned with your standards. Track versions, order CSS deployments and use safe mode for fail-proof development.

  • Manage multiple code blocks and multiple code types
  • Track development and keep the standard with integrated code beautifier
  • Develop new features or customizations on specific pages while keeping your main CSS file small


CodeKit testimonial

"I have tried many plugins for adding custom code, and this is the best by far. Add all of your custom CSS/SASS and JavaScript/jQuery in one place. Robust code editor with error notification, line numbers, good use of colors, separate tabs to keep media queries organized. SASS is compiled automatically. It’s like having an enhanced version of Sublime Text built directly into WordPress!"


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