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CodeKit is the one and only plugin that provides integrated IDE, supporting wide range of languages 1 and powerful code management interface in the marketplace.

Codekit Editor Screen
Core Features

Natively integrated IDE on your WordPress Admin

Wide-range of language support

CodeKit is the one and only plugin that supports more than 10+ languages in a single plugin. Do range of improvements without worrying about compilers and compatibility.

Device specific development

Still not tired of writing media queries? Give it a try to editor device tabs for device-specific development. They are pre-configured according to the standards but you can always change it in the settings.

Basic code deployment

Sometimes all we want to deploy a simple code block to single page. This is where Code Locations come in to play. Easily select the location/page and deploy your code.

Customizable IDE

We all know that developers are loyal to their IDE’s because all of the extensions, the interface, the colors and even typography. With CodeKit, you can customize your integrated IDE easily and make it more like your local IDE.

CodeKit Feature 1 All codes screen
CodeKit Feature 2 The code editor
CodeKit Feature 3 Sample PHP code
CodeKit Feature 4 Sample Javasript code
CodeKit Feature 5 Editor settings
CodeKit Feature 6 Style breakpoints
PRO Features

Take full control and
do more on your website

Extended language support

Keep developing and adding code snippets with the language you’re comfortable with. Extended language supports wider range of languages which make you feel home when developing with out-of-box languages.

Code includes

Bootstrap lover? Maybe Tailwind? Maybe you just want to include a font, or icon pack through CDN? You can practically include any type of code, to your existing code snippet with few clicks.

Advanced code deployment

Deploy your code on not just front-end or admin area, but all the pages, custom post types, taxonomies, archives and templates. This is the place where you have all the control over your code deployment.

Code Hints, Folding & Groups

Tidy up all of your code snippets into groups, fold them, get hints while you developing. The perfect developer suite for who hates the spagetti codes.


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Add custom SASS, CSS, JS, PHP and HTML codes to your WordPress websites.

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$39 /year

Extra Languages, Editor Enhancements, Advanced Code Release Locations, Includes GUI, and much more.

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Supported Languages
CSS Included in Free Included in PRO
SCSS Included in Free Included in PRO
JavaScript Included in Free Included in PRO
HTML Included in Free Included in PRO
PHP Included in Free Included in PRO
LESS Not included in Free Included in PRO
Stylus Not included in Free Included in PRO
CoffeeScript Not included in Free Included in PRO
PUG Not included in Free Included in PRO
Editor Features
Save with Cmd/Ctrl + S Included in Free Included in PRO
Emmet Abbreviations Included in Free Included in PRO
Various Device Media Query Editors Included in Free Included in PRO
Basic Code Release Locations
Frontend, Backend, Login Screen, Everywhere, Nowhere
Included in Free Included in PRO
Advanced Code Release Locations
Page, Posts, Post Type, Categories / Terms, Archives / Taxonomies, Templates
Not included in Free Included in PRO
Code Folding Not included in Free Included in PRO
Code Hints Not included in Free Included in PRO
Code Includes Not included in Free Included in PRO
Code Groups/Categories Not included in Free Included in PRO
Email & Support Forum Included in Free Included in PRO
Priority Email Not included in Free Included in PRO
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Trusted by 3000+ WordPress Users

Since our first release, we’ve listened our users and improved our plugin continuously which brought us more than 3000+ users who think CodeKit is awesome and uncomparable to other plugins.

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"Version 2.0 made this plugin worth paying for, but it’s free! Just wow, it’s the best plugin for custom code on the market, now. How cool is that!"

- Martin Braun
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"I have tried many plugins for adding custom code, and this is the best by far. Add all of your custom CSS/SASS and JavaScript/jQuery in one place. Robust code editor with error notification, line numbers, good use of colors, separate tabs to keep media queries organized. SASS is compiled automatically. It’s like having an enhanced version of Sublime Text built directly into WordPress!"

- kblatt0830
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"This is so cool, I think it will be the future of the coders on WordPress."

- afmarchetti
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This plugin is a must have, it is the best code editor, lets you manage CSS SCSS, JS, PHP…, and presets tabs to manage you responsive code. Time saving, clean editor, looks like simple text inside your WP admin. Simple and yet most advanced plugin, indeed! And support is ultra fax and very friendly."

- robin2014
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"The editor is perfect! Emmet expansions, breakpoints as tabs, editable breakpoints, keyboard shortcuts, SASS! Javascript as well. Very impressive and better than most other “pro” plugins. So well done. "

- @cunnningstunts
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"I actually use another plugin for custom codes but used this one just once. Had a problem which driven site down. But the safe mode feature was just a life saver. Thank you plugin developer! "

- Sohan Zaman

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